Friday, 10 July 2009

Ross Kemp


aaron said...

This really is a beautiful fold. It's just beautiful.

My word verification is 'cones' ... That is funny.

BPP said...

This is the finest Kemp folding site on the internet by a country mile.

Keep on folding those Kemps!

fourstar said...

I was just saying to my wife how I felt my life was lacking some kind of pastime or hobby. You have filled my void. Thank you.

Michael Rose said...

This creases me up.


Will said...

this one looks like that annoying Dom Littlewood off the BBC. Cheeky chappy

Screamer said...

Looks like the monster that was chained up in the basement in The Goonies. What was his name again? Goonie Monster or something.

fourstar said...

This site was mentioned in METRO, by the way. Commuter fame at last!

Dave said...

Definitely looks like the monster from the Goonies. HEY YOU GUYSSSSSS

toetheravs said...

This site should be renamed ross kemp folds into former international rugby players - this is surely Keith Wood

Joe said...

I think this one is more Stewie from Family Guy

Chris B said...

Does he twist?

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