Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Ross Kemp

'Woss at The Wolseley'
by Nicholas Lemis


bubblemunch said...

I was in such a bad mood and then I saw your site! Tears streaming down my face! Happy!! CURED!

Tomleecee said...

You got a mention on Radio 1 this morning (weds 5th Aug). Fame at last for Kemp Folds!

Pokermaniak said...

Look like me :)

Cookie Monster

pedro velasquez said...

I dont know who Ross Kemp is but here sportsbook is webiste that is dedicated entirely to showing pictures of him that are folded. He must be famous because evidently are sending these images to him so that he can put them up on his site. Its not that sweet but his last name is pretty catchy.
Most high-quality blogs feature regular updates with plenty of fresh content, and have archives stretching back over months and years bet nfl for you to peruse.
However, this is not the case with today's subject, a blog called Kemp Folds. Kemp Folds currently consists of precisely four posts. However, all of those posts feature pictures of hard man actor and gangologist extraordinaire Ross Kemp, http://www.enterbet.com with his face folded up in highly amusing ways. This makes it basically the best blog ever

Stivel Velasquez said...

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Anonymous said...

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